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Admission 2024

The candidate registration page has been open since 01/06/2024 at 12:01 AM

Offline forms are available at Model Art Education Society Office

Our Vision

In the journey of art education, student has to struggle and survive through unfavourable circumstances at personal and social levels quite often. Being aware of these obstacles in one’s art journey few artists came together and established Model Art Institute and few years later Model Art Education Society in 19th century. The noble purpose to establish the organisation was to encourage budding artist from economically challenged class of society.

Model Art Institute is a government recognised organisation offering Foundation course in Visual arts. The institution is known for imbibing a qualitative art discourse for a while.

It creates a solid foundation of the progressive education for those who are going to learn Visual arts at this point of time.

The institution focuses on building refinement in different styles and enables to held activities in various areas to inculcate prosperity and growth in material world. The Institute believes in being always there for shaping an incredible and satisfying life of the students through the guidance and encouragement.

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Principal’s Quote

The Foundation Course of one year’s duration is primarily designed to provide broad based elective opportunities to the student of Visual art. It aims at giving the students maximum facilities to probe the innate possibilities of materials and mediums while attempting to discover his tendencies. The students will also be exposed to the knowledgeable aspects such as history of visual arts, analytical study and appreciation of art work. The basic object to the foundation course is to create congenial atmosphere wherein the students can act creatively and decide intelligently over the future specialisation.