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Sand Sculptures:

A small particle of sand symbolises a point. When point moves in a particular direction, line is created. Students need to explore the journey of line to form through various tasks. Instead of locking these creative minds in enclosed walls of classrooms, some tasks are arranged in natural environment purposely. An interesting task of sand sculpture on sea-shore gives memorable experience to students, where they are surrounded by positive energy of nature.

Outdoor – sketching:

To understand nature through all its forms, we encourage our students for excursions, sketching session in different ways and places like streets, markets, railway stations, museums & gardens as well.

Annual Study Tour:

Every year study tour is arranged for the students to some places of educational and cultural importance in affordable cost.

Demonstrations and workshops:

Live session of masters in the visual art and workshops with the alumni give opportunity for our students to explore different career options. All these sessions are arranged to boost self esteem of our students in practical ways through dialogue with all these experts. Art process & journey of an artist is revealed through this activity.

Dialogue with parents:

Foundation Diploma Course is noted as first step in one’s art career. This unconventional decision of child always creates many doubts and questions in Parent’s mind, What is visual art? What is the difference in art study and regular curriculums? What are the educational options one have after completion of foundation course? Do they have better career options? All these questions and many more important aspects in one’s art journey are discussed in this session. This initiative help parents, students and teachers to develop an immense bond of trust.