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Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is one of the biggest, well developed cities in industries, commerce, education etc. At a time when art education was slowly spreading all over Maharashtra and very few art institutions operated in Greater Mumbai, three contemporary artists, Shri S.K. Thosar, Shri R. S. Patkar and Shri M. S. Joshi came together and started ‘Model Art Institute’ in 1939. Shri M. V. Bhave and Shri R. P. Joshi joined them later.

The Institute started teaching drawing, painting and commercial art to needy students. Though Government grants were not available immediately, the satisfactory progress of the institute soon helped it to get token grants from the state Government.

In 1960, the institute accepted the challenge of running full-time courses, even though since its inception the institute had been providing students library facilities and lectures by veterans in the field of art and demonstrations by eminent artists.

The teachers of our institute participate in art exhibitions held all over the country every year, and also encourage our students to participate in such exhibitions. It has been one of our biggest assets. The pattern of art education has undergone radical changes since June 1970. According to the new pattern this institute strives hard to prepare its students for their future courses. The institute admits students for one year Foundation Diploma course only. To know more about in-house activities in model art institute please click here

Foundation Diploma Course

Teaching Staff

Shri. Santosh Adak


Mrs. Supriya Sawant

Assistant Lecturer

Mrs. Manik Gaonkar

Assistant Lecturer

Shri. Nikhilesh Meshram

Assistant Lecturer